Courtyard Marriott, Waterfront/Homestead Pittsburgh, PA, USA

November 2, 2011

Oh wow what a chaotic Stay.

I chose this hotel as it was closest to Carnegie Library and Concert Hall as I was seeing a show there. It is still a good ten minute drive from this hotel. Luckily I was meeting a friend and driving to the show.

This Hotel is out in the suburbs of Pittsburgh but right near an outlet/shopping mall.

I caught a taxi from the convention centre out to waterfront, it cost approx. $20 the taxi dropped me off and drove off, I walked
up to check in and was promptly told that there was a plumbing problem in some of the rooms and that I would need to be relocated to another suburban hotel on the other side of the river approx. another 15 minutes away, they apologised
and said they would pay for the room and the taxi out there and called a taxi for me. As nice a gesture it was , I am an out of towner and not knowing my way around and being at some other hotel scared me a little and I got panicked, I tried to find another in town hotel but last minute they were all a fortune, I was so upset. The lady behind the desk (Pam) came to tell me that my taxi was here to take me to the new hotel and asked if I was ready I clearly wasn’t , she was very comforting assuring me everything would be OK and helped me out a
lot , she also gave me her direct number at the hotel in case I ran into any problems or needed to talk.

I was just about to get in the taxi to leave, luckily they were able to get a room due to a last minute “cancellation” So I was able to stay and was greatly relieved.

The room backed onto the river front and was bizarre as it made you feel as if you were in the jungle somewhere. The rooms were nicely
appointed and the beds were quite comfortable however the walls were quite thin, we had quietish neighbours which was good.

We went to Unos Pizzeria up the road for dinner which was nice.

If you were attending a show at Carnegie then for sure stay here, I didn’t like the location of the concert venue however so probably would not need to stay again.

Thank you Pam for Helping me out – I had a good stay here at this hotel 🙂


Marriott at Key Centre, Cleveland, OH, USA

November 2, 2011

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I came to Cleveland for one night mid trip to the states purely to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Hotel did not have the special offers which many seem to (Skip the line passes) for the hall of fame however during my trip you definitely did not need these, possibly this may be different on weekends or school holidays? There was NO queue when I went (approx. midday on a Wednesday)

The hotel was only about a ten minute walk to the Hall of Fame.

The hotel itself is in an odd spot, I didn’t go out after dark as after business hours I couldn’t see many people on the street (possibly the
hotel might be in the business area of town?) also it was raining so I opted for room service. I had buffalo wings and fries, the fries were good, the buffalo wings were so so.

The room was quite floral but felt newly refurbished, the entry to the room was a little weird as the door was on an
angle from the main part of the room  so you had to make a turn on entering.

The bed was comfortable and they had some good channels on the TV. Wi-Fi was $12 for the day and had a reliable and fast connection..

My stay here was good, nothing to write home about but I had a good nights sleep and a nice corner room with a nice view. From looking at other reviews and photos it seems to be one of the better hotels, I may be persuaded to try renaissance If I were in Cleveland again but then again I would also stay here again.



Dana Hotel and Spa, Chicago, IL, USA

October 18, 2011

I am sad to only have had one night free in this terrific city, it is a place I will come back to for sure.

I loved the room décor, especially the polished wood floors and floor to ceiling windows the whole package was great, although the ceiling
looked unfinished (I assume they were going for the warehouse look?)

I would rank this in the top ten of all hotels I have stayed for design of the room. The bed was also very comfortable.

However my sleep at the hotel was very broken due to, firstly, the room being right opposite the lifts, I could hear the lifts going up and down frequently all night and also the road (N State Street) was a very busy road which could be heard even at 24 floors up.

The hotel had free wifi and a nice cozy bar downstairs, it is also quite close to the grand station on the red line on the L.

I did not have any food or drink at this hotel so I can’t report back on this.

I would give Dana Hotel and Spa another chance (on conditions of having a room at the back of the building and away from the lifts)
because something inside me really wants to like this hotel everything about it felt good except the noise.



Intercontinental, Milwaukee, WI, USA

October 18, 2011

I stayed at the Intercontinental for just one night, this hotel was my first choice only due to the fact I was attending a concert at the
nearby pabst theatre. Upon arriving I discovered that it was actually connected to the hotel.

The hotel is close to canalside restaurants so there are plenty of dining options.

I was happy with the hotel, however I do not think it compares to many of the other intercontinental hotels which I have stayed in.
The rooms were quite dated in comparison, some of the tiles on the bathroom floor were cracked and some wiring was loose in the room.

Do not take this as a complaint as none of this had any Impact on my stay, this is simply a comparison to other Intercontinental hotels.

The minibar in the room was excellently priced, possibly the cheapest I have seen anywhere. I was jetlagged and just before the concert I started to feel very tired, I decided to get a red bull from the minibar, it was only $2 (to buy in shops here it would be $2.50)

I would stay here again , if I were in town again for a show, as the location was excellent and the rooms were good value
for money. I think if I were staying for longer or not for a show I might give another hotel a go.



W Hotel Minneapolis (The Foshay), Minneapolis, MN, USA

October 18, 2011

I arrived at the hotel a little after five, obviously this hotel is a favourite after work hotsport for Minneapolis locals as the bar next
to the entrance was overflowing with people, I began to wonder whether this was a party hotel and would I get any sleep tonight?

I was in a room on the 9th floor. I instantly fell in love with the design of the room, particularly the huge shower with
dark colours and a smaller style rain shower head.

I needn’t have worried about the noise as I heard absolutely nothing all night and would have slept like a log had I not been jetlagged!

The hotel is a great choice for anyone attending the target centre or target field as well as concerts and shows at any of the hennepin
locations. The hotel has an observation deck on the top floor, as well as a museum with history of “the foshay” building which is free for guests but other people can go up there for a fee. There are two bars and “Manny’s Steakhouse” attached (which I was told is great though I didn’t try it myself).

I think the only negative I came across during my stay was the wifi, it was a little pricey at $15 a day, however I was prepared to pay. I
connected and tried for over half an hour to get a page or two up, the internet was constantly dropping out, eventually I gave up and told reception who removed it from my bill for me. Luckily my lack of internet wasn’t so bad as the hotel has a great selection of cable channels so I was very happy.

Overall I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel and if I were coming back to Minneapolis, I would relive my W experience.



PH Towers (westgate) @ Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV, USA

January 18, 2011

We recently stayed in PH towers 2 bedroom suite for 6 days over new years period.

I was initially concerned about staying here after reading some of the other reviews, we had tried to call earlier to request a higher room as we wanted to be able to see the fireworks for new years. We were told we would have to wait until checkin to see what was available.

We got a room about half way up on 25th floor the room was everything I expected and more. It was a notch below our skylofts experience for a much smaller price tag.

we hd 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a large lounge with projector, full kitchen, dining room a laundry in the main bathroom (took us a while to find it). we found it to be a great size for two couples.

There were only a few down sides but bthey were only minute.
The first was the scary lifts as mentioned in prior reviews, none of us ever had a problem with the lifts but they did sound scary and were often out of order – our first time in the lift the alarm was going!!!
The second was a loose cable on the back of the sound system in the room, meaning sound would cut in an out at times, although alot of the time we just used the tvs in our own rooms anyway.

The timeshare people are at the information desk – they tried to collar us with the promise of free show tickets but we knew it was timeshare presentation so we just said no thankyou and we had no other problems.
There are no bellboys etc at this hotel as they are part owned apartments but that didnt really worry us.

I would definitely recommend PH Towers to anyone, its nice and close to everything on the strip but not noisy like the strip hotels can be. Ignore the bad reviews and go here you wont be sorry 🙂


Crowne Plaza Hotel – Izmir, Turkey

November 26, 2010

This was one of the nicer hotels of the tour I ranked it as number 2 hotel out of the 9 we stayed in in Turkey.

The hotel is a round tall tower quite modern looking, but is quite far away from the old town the view is nice and over the water. The rooms were quite spacious and the beds were extremely comfortable. Its exactly what you would expect from a chain hotel but one of the better crowne plaza ones.

Dinner was a buffet – they had a nice selection of foods both turkish and western. At Breakfast I remember a great selection of pastries there, especially the chocolate ones.

We went for a short walk up along the waterfront, found some nice bars and restaurants and also a supermarket behind the hotel.

I wouldnt have any problem staying here again – I just wish It were closer to the town. ( I did notice they ran limited shuttle busses to the town maybe one every hour til seven ish)